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        about us






          Huzhou Film and Television City is a new generation film and TV production base which Shanghai Lafeng Investment Group makes efforts to create.Its project site is located in the beautiful Taihu tourist resort in Huzhou .The Republic of China Street studio has been finished in the first phase, which reproduced the scene of Shanghai in 1920's-1930's,built ten-mile foreign firms buildings in tight in rows,grannd church magniricent villas,night Shanghai Paramount Hall,old Shanghai residential houses etc.The biggest bright spot is the reproduction of the old bund in Shanghai which was called the world expo of archiectures .The structure is the combination of Gothic spire,ancient Greek style dome,Baroque column,Spanish balcony.All of those classic build up a unique views of Shanghai Bund,and draws a vivid picture of bustling old Shanghai and recreates the amorous feelings of  old Shanghai .
             The phase II of Huzhou Film and Television City will build the studios,including Qinhuai River Scenery,Riverside Scene of Pure Brightness,royal garden,Japanese and European style streetscapes etc,and it will inves and build 6,000 m2 studio,which will be the largest inAsia,to meet the needs of various film and television production.

          Huzhou City Movie Studio is a comprehensive film and television theme park, including script writing,film shooting,post-production,staff training,headquarters economy,film festivals and conferences,tourism,arts show,cultural creaion.



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